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Private Music Lessons

Students/parents should call the instructor to determine pricing, length, and availability. Payments and scheduling will be handled directly by the instructor.


Guitar / Bass / Ukulele Lessons

Age: 7 - Adult

Instructor: Mike Hicks

Guitar students will be introduced to a variety of styles such as rock, country, pop and rhythm & blues in a fun and enthusiastic setting! Instruments taught include electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and bass. Lessons will focus on developing technique, hand coordination, rhythm, picking techniques, and music theory.

Call: (513) 295-6450

Guitar / Bass / Percussion / Mandolin / Ukulele Lessons NEW!

Age: 6 - Adult

Instructor: Andy Mclain

With a curriculum designed to fit the individual student’s needs, Andy Mclain offers fun and informative lessons that will have you playing in no time! Interested in learning to read music, but find it confusing or intimidating? Experienced player that needs help with your time? Maybe you’re just a beginner, taking your first steps into a lifelong love of music? No matter your area of interest or current skill level, Andy has you covered. 

Call: (513) 919-1340

E-mail: a.w.mclain@gmail.com


Piano Lessons

Age: 5 - Adult

Instructor: Rebekah Dixon

Beginning and Beginning/Intermediate Piano. All lessons include the following: music theory, practice and playing techniques, warm-ups, exercises to enhance playing ability, improvisation skills, and basic chord chart reading. Students will work from multiple books to provide a broad learning experience. 

E-mail: John424Studios@gmail.com

Voice Lessons

Age: 9 - Adult

Instructor: Rebekah Dixon

All lessons include the following: Basic knowledge of how the body produces sound (voice), understanding correct breathing techniques and posture, how basic health of the body affects the voice, vocal warm-ups and exercises, focus on increasing vocal range and improving overall vocal tone quality, and basic music theory. Optional lesson topics include: sight singing, choral reading techniques, and harmonization skills. 

E-mail: John424Studios@gmail.com