Drawing & Painting

Animal Kingdom

Ages: 7-12
Instructor: Kim Stephens
$75.00/members, $95.00/non-members

This class will allow students the opportunity to use their artistic creativity to make fun and colorful artworks of their favorite animals! Each student will choose one animal (real or mythical) from which to draw inspiration. Students will create mixed media drawings of their chosen animals using materials such as oil pastels and watercolor paints. Once students have completed their drawings, they will learn how to translate them into 3D sculptures using papier mâché techniques. This class will also cover methods for painting and decorating 3D surfaces to make the animals come alive!

MONDAYS | 6-7:30pm

Creating Comics!

Ages: 10-15
Instructor: Billy Simms
$75.00/members, $95.00/non-members

Students will learn how to make their own comics, starting with making characters and writing stories, and finally creating a short comic strip starring their original character. Learn helpful story-telling tips and explore new drawing styles!

Drawing Outside the Box

Ages: 10-14
Instructor: Emily Howard
$75.00/members, $95.00/non-members

Drawing Outside the Box is designed for older students who wish to explore and develop their creative abilities through various drawing experiences and a variety of media. Techniques help the student to experiment and observe the world through different perspectives. Students will study master artists and create drawings and drawing-inspired sculptures.

Drawing Studio

Ages: 14-Adult
Instructor: Dan Couch
$110.00/members, $130.00/non-members

Session II :
11/08/2017 - 12/13/2017 Wednesday 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Drawing Studio focuses on the fundamental principles of drawing with an emphasis on value, line, form, space and scale. This course will build on observational drawing skills with traditional media while allowing space for creative growth. Topics covered will include: still life, portraits, landscapes and light/value study. The final weeks of the course will focus on the student’s individual choice of material for the creation of a unique piece of art. Students may repeatedly take the course to continually advance their development, or explore media of their interest with more depth.

Kids' Drawing - FALL SESSION II

Ages: 5-9
Instructor: Emily Howard
$60.00/members, $80.00/non-members

Session II :
11/09/2017 - 12/21/2017 Thursday 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Kids Drawing offers a journey into the exploration of artistic expression through drawing and drawing-inspired sculpture. Concentrating on developing creativity and techniques with a variety of art media, the young artist will discover ways in which they can interact with the artistic world through observation and creative problem solving skills.