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3 A. M.

Hamilton, Ohio – Mama always said nothing good comes of getting home after midnight.

Somewhere between last call and oblivion, one might be in the back seat of an Uber home, phone in hand with an ex’s number punched up. Decision time, straddling that fine line between rekindling an old flame and regret.

That’s 3 A.M.

Not only the name of a Meghan Trainor smash hit – a song that just happens to be co-written and produced by Chris Gelbuda – but also the name of the signature cocktail for the Fitton Center’s Nashville Writer’s Round April 15, featuring Gelbuda with Grammy-winning Tim Fagan and Grammy-nominated Carey Ott as special guests.

Resident mixologist Logan Adams saw two sides of the same coin in creating this drink, a potent mashup of a springtime sangria and a Cape Codder.

“I couldn’t decide what to serve,” she said. “One is light and sweet, the other is strong and straightforward. Putting them together, you don’t have to make the choice at all.”

This is a batched cocktail, designed for a large group to share. Adjust the recipe accordingly for personal use.

Either way, Adams recommends putting your phone away before you indulge.

Here’s the lowdown: 3 A.M.

1 bottle white zinfandel

1 bottle elderflower- and lemon-infused vodka

Half-gallon cranberry juice

12 oz limoncello

6 oz lime juice

Mix and store in decanter with ice

Garnish with lemon, lime and orange slices

Keep an eye on the Fitton Center Blog for more of Logan’s cocktail creations.

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts is located at 101 S. Monument Avenue on the Riverfront in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

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