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Charge the Line

This summer, StreetSpark is thrilled to be creating four new murals to share with the Hamilton community! Jennifer Eickelberger is the designer of "Charge the Line," a mural for the Hamilton Fire Department. As the wife of a third generation firefighter, Eickelberger has had a front row seat to witness the everyday heroism of the HFD.

“I wanted to show the bravery that exists among these men and women who risk their lives to protect and better their community. It’s such a hard job; they see and go through things I couldn’t carry.” The job of firefighter carries a very real risk; in fact, Eickelberger included thirteen stars in her design, to symbolize the thirteen firefighters who lost their lives serving the Hamilton community. She herself has witnessed the team’s response to losing one of their own, and was amazed by the ways in which they came together to support one another. “I think for me it was just really important to make them feel honored and appreciated and seen, because they are so important.”

"Charge the Line" design by Jennifer Eickelberger

Her love of the HFD and her interest in StreetSpark’s work combined to spark the design for this mural. “I feel like this one was just meant to be!” She had actually submitted a few mural designs to StreetSpark in past years that were not chosen. “I also wanted to show my girls that it’s important to keep trying, even if you don’t make it on the first or even the third try!”

When asked about the message “Hopefully viewers of the mural will see the HFD and appreciate the work they do. I hope they will get a sense of pride in their city and being part of a community. I hope that viewers can look at it and honor the fallen firefighters and their families. And most of all, I hope that the fire department has a place that they can come together and be proud of!”

In her own career, Eickelberger works as the art director for Made to Love, an art shop in Hamilton. She works in several different media including sculpture, photography, and quilting, but feels that her graphic design work at the shop influenced her mural design most. “I think the outlines and bold colors give it a very graphic feel.”

Eickelberger is also very excited to be a part of the painting process, in addition to being the mural designer. “I’ve only done wall-sized murals, so this is huge. I hope to be able to learn techniques and tips from everyone on the team! I know it’s not an easy process but I’m looking forward to seeing the end result and how it all comes together.”

“Charge the Line” should be completed by mid-July. You’ll be able to see pictures of the completed mural at, on Facebook and Instagram @streetsparkart.

Blog written by:

Sarah Hynfield

StreetSpark Intern

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