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Hamilton Current Artist Spotlight Pt. 11

The 50th Hamilton Current regional art competition is a big - we mean a REALLY BIG - deal. Artworks from this year’s selected artists will be projected in wall-scale images on the Fitton Center’s exterior in an exciting new week-long outdoor digital presentation May 28 - June 4, 8:00pm - midnight. We'll also be featuring groups of artworks weekly here on the blog leading up to and during the exhibition!

Artworks chosen for Cash Awards and Honorable Mention Awards by judges will be physically installed in the ground floor Monument Gallery at Fitton Center for Creative Arts, 101 S. Monument Ave, Hamilton OH and on view May 28 – July 9. Fitton Center galleries are free and open to the public starting June 1. Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday, 10:00am – 2:00pm.


Jeffrey M. Smith

Spring Valley Ohio

facebook: ArtofFrozenTime

instagram: ArtofFrozenTime

1. Golden Hour Over Arches National Park No. 10

20” x 40” x 1”

A framed giclee canvas print from Arches National Park this summer where the setting sunlight rakes across the Navajo Sandstone formations during the magical golden hour. Standing under the North Windows Arch, Turret Arch lies on the left side of the print while Double Arch resides on the right. In creating this HDR, panoramic print, I blended 63-images in order to capture the impressive sight while mitigating the dynamic range limitations of today’s DSLRs.

2. Mesa Arch Sunburst

20” x 32” x 1”

A framed giclee canvas print from Canyonlands National Park of the iconic Mesa Arch at sunrise. The print captures the moment where the rising sun briefly paints the underside of Mesa Arch and warms Buck Canyon in amazing orange light while silhouetting the distant La Sal Mountains. This was my second morning of getting up a 3am and hiking to this spot. Clouds on the previous morning thwarted my first attempt. Fortunately, on the second morning, a thin sliver of clear air gave me a couple of precious moments to capture this timeless scene before clouds once again muted the warm tones. This print consists of seven blended exposures of varying length in order to mitigate the scene’s high dynamic range.

3. Twin Butte Sunrise From Sedona Airport Vortex

20” x 32” x 1”

This framed giclee canvas print captures the wonders of a Sedona sunrise while standing on top one of the region’s famous energy vortices and witnessing the morning light gently illuminate the surrounding red rock formations. This is a seven-image blended exposure.


Timothy Spoonster

Hamilton Ohio

facebook: Satsuei Photo and Design

Stop, Look and Listen

9 x 12

Photography, Shot with I phone 11, all editing and enhancements done with I-phone software


Peggy Steinberg

Centerville Ohio

facebook: Peggy Steinberg Photographic Art

instagram: peggysteinberg4art


16 x 20

Photographic image printed on aluminum using dye-sublimation process, This flower was photographed using a 105mm macro lens. It was processed with digital software, and then I created the image background using a variety of texture images.


Nicole Trimble

Cincinnati Ohio

facebook: @nicole.trimble


1. Portrait with Grecian Bust

11" x 14"


2. Untitled (Self-Portrait)

12" x 9"

Both: Acrylic and paper on panel, Painted on paper, torn and collaged on panel


Jean Vance

Oxford Ohio

1. Lexington Ave, New York City

10" X 14"

2. A Light Lunch, Fossumhaven, Norway

13" x 16"

Both: Transparent Watercolor, Painted from my own photo


Bob Vierling

Oxford Ohio

Off the Grid: Crosley Building Tower, Camp Washington.

24.5 x 18

Digital photograph., Inkjet print on metallic luster paper.

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