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It rhymes with boats...

Motz. Mark Motz. I wish I was James-Bond-cool enough to pull off that kind of introduction.

But honestly, I don't own a tuxedo or a cool car. I never developed a taste for martinis. (A decent bourbon? We'll talk.) Still, here we are. Getting acquainted. That awkward thing where I humble brag about the one bit of trivia people might find interesting when we go around the table in a conference room full of strangers. I usually lead with the fact I once caddied for Michael Jordan and Smokey Robinson in the same summer. I can follow up with a list of other celebrity loops, some funny golf stories or a shameless plug for the Evans Scholarship that put me through college at Ohio State. But you probably want to know a little more. Fair.

To start, I'm in my third day in my new role as Marketing Manager at the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts.

Can I just tell you... this place is bananas. The building itself is super funky. Among other things, it's home to one of the most interesting bathrooms in the country thanks in large part to a cheeky (heh) mosaic mural called "Go With the Flow." I'm not even kidding; see for yourself.

Then there's everything that happens here. Gallery opening? Check. Children's theater? Check. Class and summer day camp registrations? Check Dinner and drinks? Check.

Internationally touring singers in concert? Check. A wedding and reception? Check.

Afternoon chamber music? Check. And that's just one 48-hour stretch coming up this weekend.

My new job is to help share the story of the Fitton Center. This is going to be fun. There are so many stories to tell here, I barely know where to start. I come to Fitton with 30-odd years in journalism, public relations and marketing under my belt. I look forward to diving into this facility, these programs, this creative hub and highlighting the people who are - as the mission statement says - building community excellence through art and culture. I'd love to hear from you. Please call me at 513-863-8873, ext. 130 or drop me a line at But when you call, please remember Motz rhymes with boats.

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