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Charge The Line

Completion Date:

Summer 2021

Jennifer Eickelberger


Mark Hanavan

Lead Artist:

Jennifer Eickelberger, Emily Mason and Brooke Owens

Supporting Artists:

I have a big heart for the Hamilton Fire Dept. I wanted to honor their bravery and sacrifice in this design. The fireman is wearing the mask they would wear when entering a fire. There is smoke behind him but because of their hard work, the city is safely intact in the shield and skyline. They risk their lives to keep this city safe. The thin red line represents the courage fire fighters show on a daily basis. There are 13 stars to represent the 13 firefighters that have lost their lives in the line of duty on the HFD. There are two dates on the mural, 1827 signifies when the department was formed and 1917 to honor when the local fire union formed.



IAFF 20 Hamilton Professional Firefighters (204 N. Third Ave.)

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