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StreetSpark, a public art program in partnership with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation, was founded to further the creative identity in Hamilton, Ohio through exciting murals and public art projects. The program creates engagement by producing high quality art, providing opportunities for local artists and enhancing the visual appeal of the city. With the goal of fueling Hamilton artistically, StreetSpark brings visible murals and artwork into our community. 


This program is energizing our streetscape, creating awareness of the arts and sparking new development throughout Hamilton. Since the summer of 2016, 14 murals have been created in a variety of styles. Each year artists are invited to submit a range of designs, and the winning murals are chosen by a selection committee of art professionals and appreciators in our area.

Scaffolding Sponsor: Hansen Scaffolding 

Photography Sponsors: Ninety1 Photos and Tim Spoonster

"Garden of the Dogs" Sponsor: Nick and Nanci Lanni

Download the OtoCast app to tour all the Hamilton area murals. Access maps, information, and hear audio from the mural designers!


Garden of The Dogs

Completion Date: Fall 2020

Mural Location: ELITE Performance & Wellness (190 N. Brookwood Ave.)

Lead Artist and Designer: Christian Dallas

Supporting Artists: Mark Hanavan, Olga Klepinger, Emily Mason, Sydnie Reatherford, Latosha Stone

"Garden of the Dogs" gives viewers a layered composition filled with meaning and connections to the specific location, region, and state it resides in. This mural depicts a dynamic garden of native flora and fauna, such as the trillium flower, buckeye tree and ladybugs. Another layer of this complex design includes hidden bulldog images as a nod to nearby Hamilton High School. The consistent movement and overall unity of the energetic composition gives the viewer a full experience from any vantage point.


Garden Parade

Completion Date: Summer 2020

Mural Location: Jefferson Park (corner of East and Henley Avenues)

Lead Artist and Designer: Lizzy DuQuette

Supporting Artists: Sarah Baker and Emilie Abrams

In this joyful mural design, we see a group of children parading between giant sunflowers and whimsical garden creatures. The children climb and play with the oversized flowers, mirroring activities at the nearby playset. Inspired by the mission of the Boys and Girls Club and the surrounding Jefferson community, this mural seeks to help children feel welcomed and instill a sense of belonging. This colorful design is full of hope and strives to reflect a sense of community solidarity.



Completion Date: Summer 2020

Mural Location: 802 Heaton St.

Lead Artist and Designer: Logan Walden

Supporting Artists: Kinsey Downs and Jamie Schorsch

“Ro-Bros” depicts two larger-than-life robot brothers amidst a vibrant stylized sky. The windows of this building function as the characters' eyes and even light up at night! The North End neighborhood has a strong industrial history and is located in a residential area where all ages are present, so the design pays tribute to the past while offering an image that is contemporary and fun for all ages.


Inspiring the Future

Completion Date: Summer 2019

Mural Location: Booker T. Washington Community Center (1140 S. Front St.)

Lead Artist and Designer: Jamie Schorsch

Supporting Artists: Zania Hasty and Kara Heckmuller

"Inspiring the Future" was in part inspired by the Harlem Renaissance works of artist, illustrator, and art educator Aaron Douglas. The emphasis of the BTW Center as a means for providing a nurturing environment and enrichment for youth and teens through various programs serves as the primary inspiration for the imagery in this design. Moving between the children are spheres, radiating energy outwards, that depict inspirational figures related to the center’s history.


The Flowing Pride of Lindenwald

Completion Date: Summer 2019

Mural Location: Minnick’s Drive Thru (2537 Pleasant Ave.)

Lead Artist and Designer: Dave Rickerd

Supporting Artists: Ben Dysart and John Wolfer

Lindenwald is a place rooted in rich history and community pride. This mural showcases the places and landmarks that helped make Lindenwald an integral Hamilton neighborhood. The classic, bold font and inviting color palette will welcome travelers as they enter Lindenwald's growing business district.



Completion Date: Summer 2019

Mural Location: First Financial-Max Stacy Flowers building (350 High St.)

Mural Sponsor: The Rotary Club of Hamilton

Designer: Paul Loehle

Lead Artist: Nicole Trimble

Supporting Artists: John McCoy, Carrie Pate, Sydnie Reatherford and Claire Talbot

“Incrementum" depicts Hebe, the Greek goddess of Spring, as a central figure that pays tribute to the statue that will adorn the landscape in front of the mural. Flanking the statue are peace lilies, which connect with the doves on both the left and right side as a repeated symbol of peace. The curved archways surrounding Hebe deepen the connection to classical Greek art, and the right arch is engraved with the word "Incrementum," which is Latin for "growth." The gear symbols are included to represent the influence of the Rotary Club of Hamilton as the inner workings of the community; the support system which inspires Hamilton to blossom. The concept of "service above self," on which Rotary is founded, creates a strong community full of peace, growth and hope, as expressed through this design's strong symbolism.

Hey Caddy-O

Completion Date: Summer 2018

Mural Location: Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto Repair (736 High Street)

Lead Artist and Designer: Nicole Trimble

Supporting Artists: Kinsey Downs, Nikki McGlosson, Melissa Smith

“Hey Caddy-O” features a classic mint green Cadillac Coupe de Ville, parked on a highway trailing off into the sunset. This iconic mid-50’s car draws attention to the current use of the building as well as the automotive manufacturing history of Hamilton, in particular Fisher Body, which produced bodies for Cadillac from 1947 through 1988. The vintage-inspired color palette and sunbeam motif in the background reference classic car advertisements from the 50's and 60's, while the bright colors and graphic pop art quality of the design catches the eyes of travelers as they drive down High St. in the downtown district.

Paint the Town Red

Completion Date: Summer 2018

Mural Location: Miami Hamilton campus (1601 University Boulevard)

Designer: Stephen Smith

Co-Lead Artists: Stephen Smith and John McCoy

Supporting Artists: Abby Martin, Jamie Schorsch

“Paint the Town Red” is a whimsical take on the skyline of Downtown Hamilton. It features many major buildings such as the historic Butler County Courthouse, the Municipal Building and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in 'Miami Red.' It also features the Great Miami River with the train bridge and the Main/High St bridge. The mural was designed using a bold and simple illustrative style so that it will be clearly visible to those traveling down River Road on the back side of the campus. The sky in the mural is meant to remain as the current brick so that the design is incorporated into the existing wall of the building. This design brings downtown Hamilton to the Miami Hamilton campus!

Golden Ethos

Completion Date: Summer 2018

Mural Location: North Second Tap (134 N. Second Street)

Lead Artist and Designer: Christian Dallas

Supporting Artists: Ciarra Craft, Mark Hanavan


With music being heard not only at the North Second Tap and Bottle Shop, but also across the street at the beautiful Riversedge Amphitheater, this mural amplifies the musical mood of the area and creates a visual marker of what this specific part of Hamilton is all about. Live music showcases the energy and movement of the performers, as well as the crowd. The electricity seems to permeate through anyone in the vicinity of the source, creating a sense of inspiration. The goal was to interpret these kinetic elements into a static form that interacts with the wall as opposed to a rectangular rigid design, just as a performer interacts with their audience. Portraying a powerful female figure participating in an occupation that is predominately male, helps to inspire women of all ages to strive towards being their true selves, and to not be afraid of the constraints of the social or professional norms we live in today.

Left Hander for Life

Completion Date: Summer 2017
Mural Location: Clarks Sporting Goods (15 South B Street) 
Lead Artist and Designer: Paul Loehle
Supporting Artists: 
Mark Hanavan, Abby Martin

This mural design depicts legendary Hamilton native Joe Nuxhall, both as a young Cincinnati Reds pitcher in the prime of his career, and later in life as a philanthropist and popular local figure. His pitching hand is extended as if into the space of the viewer, showcasing a pitcher's grip and displaying his signature. The bold red color signifies Cincinnati Reds baseball, of which Nuxhall was an integral part. A deco-style sunburst of rays seems to emanate from the focal point of the ball, and creates a decorative, graphic contrast to the more smoothly modeled figures.

The Delicate Balance of Progress

Completion Date: Summer 2017

Mural Location: Unsung Salvage Design Co. (212 Main Street)

Mural Designer: Annie Hamel

Lead Artist: Nick Scrimenti

Supporting Artists: Lori Farr, John McCoy, Ariel Williams

This design is intended to evoke the notions of serenity, fragility and peace. There are two types of birds represented - cranes, a symbol of peace, mingle with rustic swallows that foreshadow spring. The delicacy of the origami/paper foldings and the beauty of this ancestral manual activity reminds us of the careful work of the craftsmen who occupy the building today. The light bulbs suggest past industries housed in the building and the promise of new, innovative ideas for the future.

Taking Flight

Completion Date: Summer 2017

Mural Location: Rotary Park (High and Second Streets)

Mural Designer: Taylor Welch

Lead Artist:  Nicole Trimble 

Supporting Artists: Ciarra Craft, Nicole ChanceSydnie Reatherford, Sara Toothman

This design is titled "Taking Flight" and symbolizes a city reaching new heights. The sparrow is represented in three stages as it takes flight and has been abstracted and stylized to resemble an origami bird. This represents the industrial past that has given us the foundation from where we are taking our next steps.


Completion Date: Summer 2016

Mural Location: Armstead Park (Main and D Streets)

Lead Artist & Designer: Nicole Trimble

Supporting Artists: Christa Cape and Lindsay Shroyer

This design consists of a stylized image of Alexander Hamilton, based on John Trumbull’s iconic 1806 portrait. It is rendered in a bright palette of pinks, blues and greens and combines graphic blocks of color with more painterly marks. The abstract and graphic qualities of the mural provide a compelling contrast to the surrounding area, juxtaposing contemporary art with the historic buildings of the neighborhood and furthering the focus on the arts in Hamilton’s Main Street area.

Make Way for McCloskey

Completion Date: Summer 2016

Mural Location: Hamilton Mill (20 High Street)

Lead Artist & Designer: Stephen Smith

Supporting Artists: Brian Imfeld, John McCoy, Hannah Moore

Make Way for McCloskey pays homage to local writer and illustrator, Robert McCloskey. This composition incorporates images (left to right) from his books Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings and Homer Price. The artwork pulls together McCloskey's classic illustrative works, but is depicted in a modern color palette.


Robert McCloskey is strongly tied to the original Municipal Building. He was commissioned to create designs that were carved in bas relief on the surface of the building. The pocket park at the corner of Front Street and High Street displays a sculpture inspired by his book, Lentil. The mural complements McCloskey's relationship to the building and brings an appreciation for his artistic efforts that were formed from his upbringing in Hamilton.


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