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Utility Box Site Information & Templates

Important Reminders

  • Utility box will be primed white prior to painting.

  • 50% of the utility box design must use LIGHT COLORS. This is to prevent overheating and damage to interior mechanics.

  • NO SPRAY PAINTING of any kind may be used due to potential damage to vents and interior mechanics of utility box.

  • All handles, locks, hinges, lights, sensors, dials, meters and labels should remain UNPAINTED.

  • Designs must be submitted using the provided template.

  • Individual artists or artist groups may submit designs.

Utility Box #1

Rhea and B box 2.heic
Rhea and B box 1.heic
  • Location: Corner of B St and Rhea Ave.

  • Material: Primed metal

  • Site Information: This box is located in the Prospect Hill neighborhood and nearby is Spooky Nook Sports: Champion Mill, Combs Park and the Great Miami River. Peter Thomson, founder of Champion Paper, built the Prospect Hill and Grandview subdivisions behind his world-renowned mill. It is a tree-lined neighborhood noted for a number of unique craftsman homes, Fort Hamilton Hospital, and Wilson Middle School.

Utility Box #2

MLK Central box 2.heic
MLK Central box 1.heic
  • Location: Corner of MLK Blvd. and Central Ave.

  • Material: Primed metal

  • Site Information: This utility box is located in the Riverview neighborhood and is a mixed-use residential and commercial area along MLK Blvd. Riverview, sometimes referred to as 2nd Ward, is home to such icons as the BTW Community Center, Bailey Square, Foundation Field, and Symmes Park. A neighborhood with many active churches and a proud history.

Utility Box #3

Pleasant and Hooven box 2.heic
Pleasant and Hooven box 1.jpg
  • Location: Corner of Pleasant Ave. and Hooven Ave.

  • Material: Primed metal

  • Site Information: This box is located in Lindenwald and nearby is St. Anne’s church/school and a mixed use residential/commercial area along Pleasant Avenue. Lindenwald is the City’s most populous neighborhood. It is unique for its bounty of park space, resident pride, and diverse, quality residential architecture. Of note are the many east-west streets named for 19th Century Ohio Governors.

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