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'90s Popping Up All Over

Hamilton, Ohio – The Singo crowd at Municipal Brew Works got more than it bargained for this week.

Not only did scores of patrons enjoy some of finest local craft beer available while attempting to fill their cards with popular music hits from the 1990s, on September 12 they also experienced a ‘90s Pop-Up Dance Party celebrating Hamilton Hospitality Week and the upcoming Saved By The ‘90s show at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

Proprietor Jim Goodman said Tuesday-night Singo has been popular at MBW for six or seven years now. Guests listen to a playlist featuring 30- to 45-second song snippets and try to match five in a row on a card like the traditional B-I-N-G-O parlor game.

The game is free to play and winners get a $20 MBW gift card. Typically it’s a three-game affair with Single Singo, Double Singo and a Coverall finale.

In between the first and second games, a quartet of colorfully dressed youngsters - who 30 years ago could have passed for cast members in Blossom or Beverly Hills 90210 - pushed play on a boom box and began to bust enough moves to land a spot with In Living Color’s famed Fly Girls. (Yes, even the boy dancer had the skillz to be a Fly Girl.)

TvHamilton captured the event for social media and many Singo players had the presence of mind to catch the performance on their phones.

Kenzi Carlyle of Next Generation Dance recruited the dancers, created and taught their routine, and cut together an energetic mix of ‘90s nightclub anthems to get the party poppin’.

Then - as quickly as they appeared - they were gone in a cloud of confetti, leaving behind an appreciative audience and flyers with a discount code good for $25 tickets to see Saved by the 90’s, the national touring act coming to the Fitton Center Saturday September 30.

Keep an eye out for the Pop-Up Posse at other venues around town this week as Hamilton celebrates its first-ever Hospitality Week.

Tyler McCleary – a co-founding member of the Hamilton Amusement and Hospitality Association – was on hand for the ‘90s Pop-Up Dance party at MBW.

“This week is all about people getting out and enjoying all the places to eat and drink and enjoy themselves in Hamilton,” he said. “We liked the idea of bringing the arts into picture. There’s a lot to experience here and this is a great way to cross promote.

“There’s an element of surprise, too, and that’s always fun. You don’t know where you might see these dancers this week. But the more you’re out, the better the chance you will.”

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts is located at 101 S. Monument Avenue on the Riverfront in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

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