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Project Description

A collaborative community mosaic mural that will bring the artist community together. By working on individual pieces of the project from home, artists can remain safely-distanced while contributing to the project.


This project aims to provide a creative outlet for many artists to share their skills and artistic voice in one community piece. The greater artistic community is made up of individuals with unique experiences, backgrounds, and traditions. When these individuals are brought together through their artwork, a beautiful tapestry of our community and world will be created.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone and everyone! Don't feel like you have to be a professional artist to participate. We encourage artists of all ages and experience levels to contribute to our community art project!

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How Do I Participate?

Artist and educator, Lori Kay Farr created the mosaic mural design using butterflies and flowers. Artists who wish to participate are asked to create the butterfly elements for the mosaic using the downloadable butterfly shape template provided below. The butterflies can range in sizes from 2” up to 6” wide. Artists should create their mosaic butterfly on a fiberglass mesh and use glue to attach their tesserae. Each butterfly should be shades of all one color (e.g. all shades of red.)


The following colors of butterflies are needed: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, purples, pinks, whites, and dark, bright blues. Pale/light blues should not be used as this color will be the background sky color and fill-in around all the butterflies.


When we get enough butterflies to fully cover the column, a team will assemble them on-site into one mosaic mural and fill in the background areas to finish out the mosaic.

Drop-off or mail to:

Lori Kay Farr

1070 Pond Ridge Circle

Hamilton, OH 45013 


Where to Send Your Finished Piece

Extended Deadline

Submissions must be posted by May 7, 2021

Additional Questions?

Please contact Lori Kay Farr at

More About the Design


I chose to use butterflies because they remind me of change and transformation. They are associated with hope, peace, and joy. I like the uplifting imagery especially during this trying time of uncertainty. I want this project to be one that bring joy and hope to our future.

Lori Kay Farr, Mural Designer