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Buy Art

Going to a birthday party or doing some holiday shopping?  Redecorating the bedroom?  Our galleries and Bake Sale can offer you quick solutions for unique gifts or permanent additions to your home or office.


OVERVIEW PAGE IMAGE August 19, 2022 Gallery Opening at Fitton Center, art by Pamela L HIgn

Art Credit: Pamela L. Hignite

Reserve an artwork from one of the Fitton Center’s five gallery rooms to take home at the end of the exhibition currently on view!  Fitton Center Members receive a 5% discount when buying art.  Come to shop and leave with something special.

Bake Sale

Handmade Snow Person Votive holder

Art Credit: Julia Pond

We bake art here! Pick up a hand-made artwork for a gift or your home from the Fitton Center’s in-house gift shop.  Art made by students, instructors and staff can be purchased on the spot and taken home day of sale. Fitton Center Members receive a 5% discount when buying art from our Bake Sale display cases while supporting community artists, the Fitton Center and the local economy.

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