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StreetSpark, a public art program in partnership with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation, was founded to further the arts identity in the city through exciting murals and public art projects. The program creates arts engagement by producing high quality art, providing opportunities for local artists and enhancing the visual appeal of the city. With the goal of fueling Hamilton with art, StreetSpark will bring visible murals and artwork into our community. This program is energizing our streetscape, creating awareness of the arts and sparking new development throughout Hamilton.

Two murals were created during the summer of 2016, and three murals were painted during the summer of 2017 in Hamilton. Artists were invited to submit a range of designs, and the winning murals were chosen by a selection committee of arts professionals in our area.

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StreetSpark Murals

Title: Left Hander for Life
Date: Summer 2017
Location:  15 South B Street at  Clarks Sporting Goods
Lead Artist and Designer: Paul Loehle
Supporting Artists: Mark Hanavan, Abby Martin


Title: Taking Flight
Date: Summer 2017
Location: Corner of High and Second Streets at Rotary Park
Designer: Taylor Welch
Lead Artist: Nicole Trimble
Supporting Artists: Ciarra Craft, Nicole Chance, Sydnie Reatherford, Sara Toothman


Title: The Delicate Balance of Progress
Date: Summer 2017
Location: 212 Main Street at Unsung Salvage Design Co.
Designer:Annie Hamel
Lead Artist: Nick Scrimenti
Supporting Artists: Lori Farr, John McCoy, Ariel Williams


Title: Alexander
Date: Summer 2016
Location: Corner of Main and D Street in Armstead Park  
Lead Artist and Designer: Nicole Trimble
Supporting Artists: Christa Cape and Lindsay Shroyer


Title: Make Way for McCloskey
Date: Summer 2016
Location: Corner of High and Front Streets at the Hamilton Mill building
Lead Artist and Designer: Stephen Smith
Supporting Artists: Brian Imfeld, John McCoy, Hannah Moore



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