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Completion Date:

Summer 2022

Paul Loehle


Paul Loehle

Lead Artist:

Katt Reed, Viktor Wagner and Kayla Furginson

Supporting Artists:

This design is a playful and festive homage to a community tied to its German roots and river locale. Anyone who has spent much time near the Great Miami is no stranger to the plentiful and unpredictable Canada goose...its natural personality making it a perfect comic foil as a human-style portrait with a traditional Oktoberfest hat. The hat is a nod to nearby historic German Village as well as Municipal brewery and the nearby bars and pubs. The reverse side showcases a monolithic hop, completing the homage to the growing local brewery culture. The goose from the flip side is echoed in a festive flying V, his friends pulling behind them a colorful graphic stripe pattern to augment a sense of festivity and diversity.



Monument and Market St.

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