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Expressions Of Power

Completion Date:

Summer 2021

Anissa Pulcheon


Anissa Pulcheon

Lead Artist:


Supporting Artists:

My design is a seamless wrap around the utility box, so it's different every way it's viewed! Fashion and hairstyles change, but the power, joy, and creativity of girls are eternal. I am always highlighting the beauty and diversity of women in my work, which I believe needs no special occasion to celebrate. This design is an everyday celebration, from the patterned clothes, quirky small touches, and falling confetti.

I feel it is important to create art that celebrates diverse women and gender-variant people because we still live in a society that doesn't celebrate them. We are all unlearning the harmful systems that we live in and have been conditioned by, and making fun, cute art is my small contribution to that.



Traffic signal cabinet (corner of High St. and MLK Blvd.)

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