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Stream of Consciousness

Completion Date:

Summer 2023

Anissa Pulcheon


Sydnie McAdams and Anissa Pulcheon

Lead Artist:

Olivia Celesti, Trinity Stewart, Ellie Wallace

Supporting Artists:

This design shows the Great Miami river as a young girl with flowing water as hair, with a large book open in her hands. Her shirt is embroidered with German floral folk art motifs to celebrate the region's German history. Emanating out of the book are cloud-like vignettes that show various STEM concepts and careers like circuitry, entomology, botany, math, astronauts (Ohio has produced so many!) and engineering. Fun details: the circuitry is the interior of a Yamaha synthesizer and the butterfly shown is the Eastern Black Swallowtail, one of Ohio's most common butterflies. Science and the arts are so connected, so I wanted to nod to that with this design. Drawing from the warm tones of the architecture, the color palette is soothing and nature inspired. A striking central focal point immediately draws people in, and they can find new details to enjoy each time they visit the library. I hope the river and her book inspire viewers to dive into the wonders of learning!



Hamilton Lane Library (300 N. Third St.)

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