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City, Country, City

Completion Date:


Evan Verrilli



Lead Artist:


Supporting Artists:

I designed this bus wrap to speak to the community connections public transit boosts in Butler County. The BCRTA is a system which acts as a bridge for the county, connecting folks from the country to the city and back again. The bus affords its riders comfort and safety to their destination, to view their surroundings, from the bucolic to industrial, in peace and harmony.

To this end, I created a bus design which speaks to these moments and connections. To build off Butler County’s architecture, I included Pyramid Hill, city of Hamilton buildings, and the Arches. To reflect the beauty of the countryside, I built off art historical references from the work of Robert S. Duncanson. The sun is rising in the design, saturating the world with all the colors of the rainbow.



This moving mural travels along the BCRTA bus route.

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