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Completion Date:

Summer 2019

Paul Loehle


Nicole Trimble

Lead Artist:

John McCoy, Carrie Pate, Sydnie Reatherford and Claire Talbot

Supporting Artists:

“Incrementum" depicts Hebe, the Greek goddess of Spring, as a central figure that pays tribute to the statue that will adorn the landscape in front of the mural. Flanking the statue are peace lilies, which connect with the doves on both the left and right side as a repeated symbol of peace. The curved archways surrounding Hebe deepen the connection to classical Greek art, and the right arch is engraved with the word "Incrementum," which is Latin for "growth." The gear symbols are included to represent the influence of the Rotary Club of Hamilton as the inner workings of the community; the support system which inspires Hamilton to blossom. The concept of "service above self," on which Rotary is founded, creates a strong community full of peace, growth and hope, as expressed through this design's strong symbolism.



First Financial-Max Stacy Flowers building (350 High St.)

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