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Cultivating Community

Completion Date:

Summer 2021

Jamie Schorsch


Jamie Schorsch

Lead Artist:

Kinsey Downs and Taylor Helms

Supporting Artists:

The concept of this design was inspired by Telhio's ideals of caring, commitment and integrity. Compositional elements used in the design are inspired by Art Deco rendering traditions that were prevalent in the artwork of 1930’s, when the Credit Union was founded, as well as the architecture throughout the City of Hamilton. The hands extending into the composition from the roof level are rendered in grisaille to communicate the idea of stone, a strong foundation on which to build. The hands also represent the way Telhio redistributes income back to its members and the community, with water flowing to signify growth and prosperity. Trees, grass, and flowers communicate the idea of a flourishing community while referencing the tree-line neighborhood of Prospect Hill. The expansive field serves as a historical nod to the landscape of the area as it would have existed when Native American groups occupied the site around Fort Hamilton.



Telhio Credit Union (601 Park Ave.)

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