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Bartels’ Butterflies

Completion Date:

Summer 2023

Madeline Tipton, The Tipton Creative LLC


Jennifer Eickelberger

Lead Artist:

Brooke Owens

Supporting Artists:

This metamorphosis mural honors the past and looks forward to the future. As migrating creatures, monarch butterflies are a symbol of hope and transformation. There will be some reflecting of the past in the next year as Bartel’s celebrates their 50th anniversary. When designing this mural, I started drawing with color as the use of color is important in my designs. The reds and blues in my color palette is a nod to Bartel's Heating and Cooling. The Hamilton community will also be looking towards the future as the city is growing and transforming through art, as represented by the hands creating paper airplanes together, and welcoming new members migrating to be part of it.



Bartels Heating and Cooling (929 Main St.)

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