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Golden Ethos

Completion Date:

Summer 2018

Christian Dallas


Christian Dallas

Lead Artist:

Ciarra Craft, Mark Hanavan

Supporting Artists:

With music being heard not only at the North Second Tap and Bottle Shop, but also across the street at the beautiful Riversedge Amphitheater, this mural amplifies the musical mood of the area and creates a visual marker of what this specific part of Hamilton is all about. Live music showcases the energy and movement of the performers, as well as the crowd. The electricity seems to permeate through anyone in the vicinity of the source, creating a sense of inspiration. The goal was to interpret these kinetic elements into a static form that interacts with the wall as opposed to a rectangular rigid design, just as a performer interacts with their audience. Portraying a powerful female figure participating in an occupation that is predominately male, helps to inspire women of all ages to strive towards being their true selves, and to not be afraid of the constraints of the social or professional norms we live in today.



North Second Tap (134 N. Second Street)

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