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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Hamilton (Ohio) - The Fitton Center officially started its 2023-2024 30th Anniversary season Wednesday, September 6, with the first Celebrating Self speaker luncheon of the year.

Rodney Veal of The Art Show on PBS delighted the audience with his energy and enthusiasm for all things artistic, but his particular passion for Southwestern Ohio creative endeavors definitely struck a chord with the crowd.

Veal also shared his journey from kindergarten artist to Emmy-winning television host, a trip that included overcoming some serious medical obstacles along the way.

If case you missed it live, catch the TvHamilton broadcast on their YouTube Channel right here.

The Celebrating Self series returns Wednesday, October 4, with The American Dream, featuring Dr. Bekah Yoxthimer. The dentist and pageant queen has an inspiring immigrant story to share. Tickets are available here.

Meantime, enjoy some more photos from The Art Show...

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