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Emerging Artist: Alyssa D. Silos

Intern Becca writes about her favorite artist who is on the rise with her stunning fine art and belief that art is more than just a retail transaction.

Silos poses with her fine art piece "Potheads" outside international gallery in Korea

Alyssa Silos has been my favorite artist for over two years now. Not only is her aesthetic beautiful, her images are so powerful in telling emotion. Silos has successfully built a career on creating art, and does this full-time as a freelance career. She travels across the world, finding inspiration and exploring her creativity. Her medium of choice is colored pencils and oils on a woodblock. She excels in layering colors, getting a smooth and blended finish.

Silos muses has many muses, many of which are South East Asian women. Most are her pieces include women of rich skin tone palettes. Several of which have botanical element in the design. Silos wants to normalize and celebrate brown skin in the arts. By doing this, she is challenging representations in the art world. The feminine energy expressed through her art is truly beautiful, and I admire her greatly.

Silos began showing her art in her high schools' gallery. She has now appeared in galleries, exhibits, and private collections world-wide. Her first international exhibit was in Seoul, South Korea in 2017. Tokyo hosted her first solo international art exhibit in 2018. Silos has also had her work appear in an LGBTQ gallery in her hometown of Las Vegas. Recently she announced her upcoming collaboration with the popular retail chain, Hot Topic!

Silos sells prints and several other items through her website. She designs/creates several different items with her art displayed on them. This includes sketchbooks, apparel, bookmarks, and my personal favorite, self defense kits. When purchasing a print, she offers the option of having it framed as a finishing touch. She even offers Fine Art Consultation to commission a piece tailored to your taste and ideas while still keeping her signature style.

As Silos gets the recognition she truly deserves, the demand for her art increases greatly. Therefore, she has hired two personal assistants to help her with her business. I think it's incredible she still participates in the packaging part of the process, and makes every customer feel special by including an envelope for every purchase with a thank you note and a few others things inside.

I personally love ALL of the art she creates! I have several items by her including the self defense kit, apparel, stickers, and a bookmark. My friends have bought me many of her prints because they know that's the perfect gift for me! I think it is important to note that she is a self-made artist, and supports herself 100% all on that she earns from her art. Although, she gets much negativity from others saying "artist don't make this much money". She is breaking stereotypes and challenging issues in the arts.

Visit her website to learn more, view her work, or even to support her as an artist.

Instagram: Alythuh

Twitter: Alythuh

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