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Heckuva party

(Hamilton, OH) - Pro tip: Don't burn down the venue where you're hired to cater the food.

That's just one piece of advice Kirsten Spicer of Two Women in a Kitchen offered guests during the Fitton Center's Celebrating Self luncheon February 7.

She hilariously recounted an event early in her now 25-year career as a caterer during which a hot box caught fire requiring a fire extinguisher to put it out. Despite the chaos in the kitchen, the food went out on time and party goers - to say nothing of Kirsten herself - enjoyed seeing the fire fighters in action.

All of which was her way of saying don't sweat the details when you throw a party. People go to events to enjoy themselves; even the most calamitous occurrences behind the scenes won't make much of a difference to the guests.

Kirsten had more tips: invest in table linens, which she called the least expensive way to change the entire look of a room. Save money on flowers and go with less expensive centerpieces.

She discussed pricing and event size and menu options. And said she was intrigued by the latest food trend - liquid nitrogen used to make frozen desserts.

Coupled with the fabulous Mardi Gras lunch buffet she and her staff prepared for the sold-out occasion, Party Time was fantastic.

Enjoy some photos from the luncheon in the gallery below.

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