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Out on tour

About 50 visitors from the Hamilton Freshman School stopped by the Fitton Center for Creative Arts for a tour Wednesday, October 11.

Chris Maraschiello's history students also took in other notable sites around Hamilton in the morning, including McKeen House, Heritage Hall, the Butler County Courthouse and Marcum Park.

They had lunch at Pinball Garage before visiting Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in the afternoon.

Executive Director Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, Director of Exhibitions Cathy Mayhugh and Marketing Manager Mark D. Motz greeted the guests and showed off facilities and artwork on all three floors of the building.

Schools, scouts, senior centers, community organizations, civic groups - all are welcome to take FREE field trips to - or have guided tours through - the Fitton Center. For a nominal fee, we can even add a craft activity to your visit. Want to bring your group? Contact Cathy Mayhugh at 513-863-8873, ext. 122 or drop her a line at to arrange your visit.

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