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Raising the Bar - 007

Hamilton, Ohio – The tux. The gadgets. The girls. The car. The cool. The license to kill.

Bond. James Bond.

All set to that iconic Monty Norman theme music, which will be just one of the highlights from the Fitton Show Stoppers series finale May 6 – CCJO Goes to the Movies.

Bond first graced the American silver screen when Sean Connery debuted as the suave British agent in Dr. No May 8, 1963.

Nearly 60 years to the day later, Fitton Center resident mixologist Logan Adams serves up a martini as her signature cocktail for an evening that also includes the gallery-opening celebration for the 51st Hamilton Current Exhibition.

However, she’s not going the classic Bond route – a 2:1 ratio of gin to dry vermouth - though her drink will be shaken, not stirred. Instead, Adams offers her spin on an espresso martini - the 007.

“We could have gone a lot of directions for a themed cocktail with the movie music,” she said. “A pink lady for the Pink Panther. Some spiked blue milk for Star Wars. We even thought of something to go with raw eggs – maybe tequila and hot sauce? - for Rocky. But really, it was a pretty easy choice. There isn’t much that’s more classic, more elegant than a martini.”

Grateful you won’t have to worry about a raw egg in your cocktail glass? Go ahead and enjoy a 007.


2 oz cold-brew coffee 1½ oz vanilla vodka ½ oz Kahlua ½ oz cinnamon syrup

Keep an eye on the Fitton Center Blog for more of Logan’s cocktail creations.

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts is located at 101 S. Monument Avenue on the Riverfront in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

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