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ACE spending deadline extended

Hamilton, Ohio – Procrastination happens.

Rest assured, we understand.

Turns out the State of Ohio does, too.

Last year you signed up for an Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account with every intention of getting reimbursements of up to $1,000 per child per year to attend classes, camps and workshops at the Fitton Center.


Then all of a sudden – school, work, soccer practice, dance recitals, family vacations; you know… life – the July 1 deadline to spend the funds lurks just around the corner and you haven’t. Now, short of running across a real time turner from the fictional world of Harry Potter, you probably won’t.


Feat not. You still have a chance.


According to ACE Ohio, “The deadline for families to spend funds was previously July 1, 2024 and has now been extended to September 1, 2025.” There is a caveat.


“Please note, the ACE program is fully subscribed, and no more accounts may be awarded,” ACE Ohio said. “The extension applies to families with existing accounts only.”


The Fitton Center offers the only ACE-qualified visual-art programming in Hamilton. Students now have summer 2024, the coming school year and summer 2025 to take advantage.


The arts add value to any educational experience.


“Even if you’re not the kind of kid who wants to grow up to be a fine artist, the arts have a real benefit for all students,” said Kate Rowekamp, Fitton Center Director of Education and Outreach. “There are a lot of creative-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, that the arts teach that can apply everywhere.”


“This is an important opportunity. It gives parents another way to have access to education in the arts their kids might not be getting in school.”


The timing of the announcement coincides with the start of the Fitton Center’s annual Summer Camp Creativity season beginning next week (June 10). Registration for Summer II class offerings also is open; classes start July 8.


The Fitton Center for Creative Arts is located at 101 S. Monument Avenue on the Riverfront in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

Building Community Excellence through the Arts and Culture

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