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Hamilton Current Artist Spotlight

The 50th Hamilton Current regional art competition is a big - we mean a REALLY BIG - deal. Artworks from this year’s selected artists will be projected in wall-scale images on the Fitton Center’s exterior in an exciting new week-long outdoor digital presentation May 28 - June 4, 8:00pm - midnight. We'll also be featuring groups of artworks weekly here on the blog leading up to and during the exhibition!


Jamie Anton

Cincinnati Ohio

facebook: jamie anton art

instagram: jamie_anton_art

1. Gold Black White Splash

11 x 14


2. Mason Maria

11 x 14



Brian Beck

Cincinnati Ohio


instagram: fleafooted

1. Earthtone

24 x 36

pencil, India ink, acrylic paint, spray paint on stretched canvas. I start with a preliminary sketch, then move to canvas. I start with pencil and India ink. I then used spray paint to lay the background in. Followed by blocking in the figure with acrylic paint. Afterwards, I refine the image with layers of acrylics, colored pencil and spray paint. The piece is then cured with a spray matte varnish.

2. Taco Cat

48" x 36"

pencil, India ink, paint marker, acrylic paint, spray paint on stretched canvas. I started with a pencil rendering of the image. Followed by refining the image with paint marker and India ink. I then block the image in with acrylic paint and spray paint. I further detailed the figure with spray paint, and paint marker until completion. The piece is then cured with a matte spray varnish.



Loni Garfield Becker

Cincinnati Ohio

facebook: loni.becker

instagram: lonigb

1. The Long Arm of the Law

24 x 24

Digital Painting using Procreate on ipad pro. Laser printed onto 80# mat paper., My vision was to create an image based on a crazy quilt motif. I made a painting in Procreate. After completing the painting, I copied and pasted it into another file. I manipulated the image, changed the sizes and colors, created new layers. Essentially, I created a digital collage.

2. Nine and 1/2 Minutes of Infamy

12 x 12

Watercolor paper, mono print plate, acrylic paint, Inspired by Andy Warhol and his silk screen portraits as well as one of his popular quotes (Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes). This work is a product of multi-processes. I started with layers of mono prints. I then hand painted some details and finished by mono printing the final bars of the prison.


Donna Bischoff

Hamilton Ohio


1. Flow

22 x 28

Oil on canvas

2. Golden Vessel

18 x 24

Oil on canvas


Tommy Blackwood

Hamilton Ohio

instagram: thom_e_lee

1. Inventa

27 x 39

Digital photograph with computer manipulation. Nikon D750 camera. Giclee print.

2. Turbatio

27 X 39

Digital photograph with computer manipulation. Nikon D750 camera. Giclee print.

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