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I'm still... what...

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I'm torn.

When somebody asks about my new role at the Fitton Center, what do I say? "Hey Motzie, how's the new job going?" "It's going."

Pros: It's short and can pass for witty in limited circles. Quick quip to answer somebody passing in the opposite direction who is being more polite than inquisitive. Cons: No details. Offers none of the joy in creativity that permeates the Fitton Center.

"How much time do you have?" Pros: Fun to answer a question with a question. Rightly implies there's a lot to talk about. Cons: People often frightened to think they may be stuck in a long conversation. (Did I tell you about the kids doing African chants during the children's theater show Friday? What about the brother and sister who each had a piece of art in our Member Show? Pieces on opposite ends of the room and nearly opposite in tone and style, but both beautiful and powerful. Oh, I met the board chair Saturday night; we had some people in common. Man, it's a thrill to be in in a packed theater with an engaged, energetic audience hearing terrific music. Wait, where are you going? I didn't even have a chance to tell you about the chamber music. Come back.)

"I'm still here." Pros: Quoting Sondheim is rarely the worst idea you'll have in a given day. Elaine Stritch gave the line some serious panache. Cons: According to Ms. Stritch, I'm not old enough to use the line. Being here just 10 days, she's probably right.

"I'm still standing." Pros: Quoting Sir Elton John is rarely the worst idea you'll have in a given day. Sir Elton John gave the line some serious panache. Cons: Pretty sure I can't pull off a pink suit (with vest), Roman collar and pith helmet. Let alone a bedazzled leather Speedo-type outfit.

Still, we have this Elton John tribute show coming up May 21 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - that's going to be a blast. And Drag Show 2.5 on May 7. If I can't do the pink suit, maybe I could manage heels, sequins and eyeliner. Wait, come back. Where are you going?

Mark D. Motz is the Marketing Manager at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts. You may reach him at 513-863-8873, ext. 130 or

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