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If These Walls Could Talk

Hamilton, Ohio – The sound of ringing hammers and excited voices broke the Friday morning quiet.

Before the Fitton Center for Creative Arts officially opened for the day April 28, Stephen T. Badin High School art students and teachers – with some help from Director of Exhibitions Cathy Mayhugh and Fitton Center staffer Chris Neuman – brought in, organized and hung some 200 pieces of student art in the Community Gallery.

They call their exhibition If These Walls Could Talk. It runs April 29 to May 11, with a closing reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 11.

If the walls actually could talk, they might say, “Ouch!” (Hey, all those nails and tacks pounded into them have to hurt. Those walls are only huma... well, you get the idea.)

But then they’d probably say, “Wow!”

The depth and breadth of expression is astonishing. Ceramics, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture. Nature, portrait, still life, fantasy, reality. Evocative, provocative, reflective, representative. The works run the gamut.

“The artist is never bored,” according to the posterized overview of the show. “The artist is an observer and looks for unique solutions.

“The artist approaches each piece with the knowledge and experience from the previous piece. The artist takes risks. The artist takes the road less traveled. If These Walls Could Talk features 2-D and 3-D artwork by Badin High School artists in a variety of media. The artwork represents work from all levels of artists.

If These Walls Could Talk invites the viewer into their world. We hope you enjoy.”

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