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My Top 3 Animated Movies for Quarantine & Chill

Stuck inside and don't know what to watch next? Well, intern Becca has you covered with her favorite films that are must-sees to pass the time!

Did you know that Fitton has a cinema and a film club? It is a community-based cinema with an eclectic art house style. The cinema focuses on event screenings,

family films, documentaries, classic and cult movies, as well as films that have been produced locally. It can also be rented for birthday parties, gaming nights, corporate presentations, fundraisers and private screenings.

Film is one of the most advanced art forms. There are so many visual aspects involved from movements and sounds. The directors put so much thought and detail into every single clip. My favorite films are actually the animated ones. They're SO creative! The time and effort put in is amazing, and I love the creative aspect put towards the production of a movie. Although these films are unable to be featured at our cinema, I would love to share my top 3 that I think everyone should have the pleasure of viewing!

Coming in at my number 3 is the well-known film Tangled! I mean, what better movie to watch during quarantine?! We're all basically living like Rapunzel, or at least empathizing with her at the moment! This Disney movie was released in 2010 as a re-telling of the classic Disney princess, Rapunzel. As a kid, I would watch this movie, and immediately start it again once it was over! I still watch it to this day, and never get tired of it. This movie generated revenue of just a little over $200,000,000. Not only does this movie have a great story line, I love to appreciate the animations and humor in it. This coming-to-age film is not only relatable, but the visual effects are amazing. I love how they have Rapunzel's hair light up! Through some research, I found that Tangled was Disney's first computer-generated fairy tale. The digital artists took full advantage of dynamic lighting, flexible cinematography, and depth.

My number 2 film is actually rated 2 in animated movies based on Rotten Tomato scores, and for good reason! I can't even tell you how many times I have watched Coco in the past year, but I can tell you that every time it brings tears to my eyes! Aspiring young musician, Miguel, finds his way to the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead, and learns so much about himself and his family. This film revenued roughly $188,000,000. This film has so many creative elements to it. To start, it's so colorful and the animations are absolutely amazing. I believe that music can make or break a film. Of course, there are also creative elements to music choice. The producers of Coco did a fabulous job on this aspect! The movie is all about the songs and musicians in the film, and this artistic element only enhanced the wonderfully made film!

Finally, my number 1 animated film choice is Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. While wandering through the forest practicing his vows for his arranged marriage, Victor accidentally proposes to a corpse bride and is taken to the land of the dead! This stop motion animation is my all-time favorite film for so many reasons. I admire the creativity of the character animations and their fanciful style. The way Burton is able to spin dark/morbid ideas into a delightful musical about the power of love is brilliant. The movie is supposedly based on true events in Russia back in the 19th century (I'll let you research more about that if you're interested because it is dark). Like the film Coco, the world of the dead is very colorful and expressive. This film took Burton over 12 years to produce. The film is a stunning achievement, shot entirely with commercial digital still photography cameras instead of film cameras. Each frame is truly a work of art.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Jan 17, 2023

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