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Ohio Poet Laureate

The specificity of her language pulsated.

The slight twang of her accent soothed.

The images she painted required no brush.

Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour held the Celebrating Self audience rapt at the Fitton Center, speaking of - and reciting works about - her experience as an Appalachian woman.

(Oh, and there was the one poem about the famous football guy from Athens County, too - Geaux Jeaux.)

Gunter-Seymour celebrated not only the poetry of written and spoken words, she discussed how all the fine arts are related in capturing a moment in time. And turning those moments into something timeless.

Please enjoy a few images from the March 1 Celebrating Self event (as well as some of Kari's books) and please consider joining us for our season finale April 5 with The Local Stars of Reality Television.

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