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Infamous Love Songs

(Hamilton, OH) - Over the Rhine came north.

The globe-trotting Cincinnati band made its Fitton Center debut Saturday, February 10, presenting its Infamous Love Songs show in advance of Valentine's Day.

Opening with "The World Can Wait," closing the main set with "Drunkard's Prayer" adding an encore of "Genius of Water," and ending with a beautiful cover of the classic "Moon River," the husband-and-wife duo of Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist dipped into a 35-year catalogue of acoustic music to enchant a sold-out house.

In between tunes, the pair told stories of how songs came about, joked about aging ("It's weird to hear somebody say they grew up listening to our music, but I guess that happens when you've been it at 30-plus years.") and recalled the delighted surprise of hearing "Drunkard's Prayer" in the airport in New Zealand, among other tales from the road.

Detweiler played piano most of the night, with Bergquist singing. Both played guitar at different points in the show - occasionally together - and Detweiler added striking harmonies to Begquist's soulful lead vocals.

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