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Intern Becca's Time at Fitton

As the school semester comes to an end, our interns are finishing up their time here at The Fitton Center. Intern Becca writes about her experience here and all the amazing things she learned.

Becca helping kids mold clay dinosaurs at Fitton Family Art Day!

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have completed my Community Arts internship at Fitton! Before the semester started, Amanda and Kate welcomed us into the building to get familiarized with everything. I felt a part of the family already, and I knew this was going to be a great experience.

Having a part time job, going to school full time, and balancing a social life is hard; adding on a weekly internship seemed like a lot. However, coming to the center didn't feel like work, but something I looked forward to doing every week! I learned so many great things that I didn't know before. The experience I got firsthand was truly eye opening and helped me to realize how much effort Fitton employees put into making every event near perfect and everyone's experience special.

My favorite day at the internship was hands down Fitton Family Art Day! This is a free event that includes several different fun, hands-on art activities for kids to participate in. Almost every Fitton employee was in attendance, along with several volunteers. The entire building was filled with positive attitudes; everyone was excited for the children and their families to come! I was fortunate to be in the pottery section where kids come and create dinosaurs out of clay. I worked alongside two other volunteers in this area, along with Pottery instructor Carol Waldorf! She was an absolute joy to talk/work with.

Snippet of Becca's handlettering tutorial on our Facebook

During my time in quarantine, it was a rough transition. Since all in-class lectures were suspended, this included my internship. Fortunately, we met virtually with Amanda and Kate and we were able to create blog posts and film art videos for the remainder of our time here. This was a creative, interactive way to stay involved during these difficult times. The content I created was so much fun to film/write. I really enjoyed this!

I loved being able to intern with Katrina & Brandon and was so happy we all got to experience all that Fitton has to offer together. I also met some of the nicest employees at Fitton! Director Ian MacKenzie-Thurley did a fantastic job of making a point to get to know the interns, making sure we all felt welcomed and mattered. Amanda and Kate did a fantastic job of being patient with me and all my questions. They taught me so much and gave us very fun projects to work on. I enjoyed the company of so many, from Pat and Cat, Matt and Bob - there was not one employee that didn't go out of their way to introduce themselves and get to know me. I was heartbroken to lose that face-to-face interaction we had once the stay-at-home order was enacted.

I will forever be thankful for my time here and am proud to have Fitton as a part of the Hamilton community!

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