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Party time!

The Fitton Center staff celebrated its holiday party Dec. 20 at The Studio, where the team created its own pottery treasures.

Legitimate artists and pretenders alike selected color schemes and applied three coats of glaze to pieces ranging from tree ornaments to coffee mugs, from dog bowls to a Corvette, from a switch plate to a tarantula, from cheese plates to a chicken, while enjoying one another's company and a tasty lunch from Taqueria Guanajuato.

A raucous white-elephant gift exchange followed the food. A pair of oversized dice rolled around the table as chance dictated where and when people opened their packages.

(Facilities & Events Manager Matt Rucker is pretty sure he won the gift exchange, taking home an inflatable Car Buddy, though there were several other items that changed hands frequently before the final reckoning.)

Word came down from the North Pole that the Fitton team landed on the nice list this year and wouldn't have to come in to work and scuttle coal on Christmas morning.

Check out a few images from the party below.

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