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Spring Flowers 🌸

During these rough times, it's important to appreciate the good in the world, and what beauty there is around you. One easy way to do that is by looking at art about the spring time!

By Intern Katrina

In this blog post, we'll be looking at three different paintings done by three different established artists, all which you've probably heard of, and their interpretation of 'Spring'!

The first painting is by Claude Monet, and it's titled "Spring Flowers". Monet created this in 1864. Although Monet is mostly put in the Impressionist genre, this painting is a little different as it's set up as a still life with fine details of veins in the leaves, and intricate petal folds. What a stunning arrangement of spring flowers! Fun fact, this piece lives at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio!

This second painting is by Vincent Van Gogh, titled "Fishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy (Asnières)". Van Gogh painted this in 1887, and it is said to be inspired by the impressionist painters Paul Signac and Georges Seurat. This painting is set at the Seine River in Paris, France, where Van Gogh and Signac would sit and paint together.

And finally, the third painting is by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, "Spring (The Four Seasons), created in 1879. I truly love this one, not just because Renoir is one of my favorite painters, but because of how his colors just flow in and out of each other. No strict line. Everything is pushed around the canvas effortlessly. Color everywhere. Almost like a dream. Renoir is still an Impressionist artist, but he has a different approach to the style compared to the other artists we've looked at so far, making his paintings stand out, in a good way!

I hope these paintings brought you to a place in your mind where you could take a moment and relax, enjoying the art and what it represents. I know times right now are frustrating and it's hard to see an end to the madness, but we can only live in the now. This will pass, and we will be stronger because of it.

Maybe you can step outside and take a walk and start to look at the nature around you and start to look at nature through an impressionistic lens, allowing yourself to see that art is truly all around you!

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