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The '90s rocked

Band members later admitted to a little nervousness before the show, thinking the theater setup might not be conducive to their high-energy performance.

But the Fitton Center audience dispelled Saved by the 90's worries, responding appreciatively, singing along - occasionally even taking lead vocals from the band - and dancing in the aisles all night as the band played hit after nostalgic hit.

If you missed the September 30 Fitton Showstoppers series opener, take a look below at some of the photos from the night to see what you missed. If you were there, thanks for coming out and making it such a magical night.

Next up in the Showstoppers series, buckle up for another high-energy performance when Home Spun hits the stage October 28. DJ Arie turns the theater into a house party featuring music, dance, hip-hop, rap, spoken word and more. Featuring Healing Broken Circles, accalimed poet Hanif Adduraqib and Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour.

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