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A photograph of the Fitton Center's exterior at night with a bright spotlight on the side of the building where the name is written.

Come Curious & Leave Inspired

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts isn’t just a building—it’s an experience. We are a non-profit community arts organization that celebrates and supports the full spectrum of humanity through equal opportunities in visual and performing arts. We have served the Hamilton and Butler County communities for almost 30 years. We connect people, energize the local economy, share a sense of place, and provide a variety of cultural opportunities.  

Learn something new in one  of our art classes or workshops open to students of all ages. Be enthralled by extraordinary musicians, actors, and dancers at one of our live performances. Engage with artists in our remarkable galleries. Reserve one of our diverse venues for your special event. Become a part of the Fitton Center and redefine the way you experience the arts in Hamilton!  

Upcoming Events

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