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Get introduced to one of our new interns from Miami University Regionals Hamilton Campus

Hi Everyone! My name is Christopher Neumann, and I am a senior at Miami Hamilton University, where my major is Community Arts (CMA). Along with my major, I am minoring in 2D Fine Arts. I have lived most of my life a stone’s throw away from Hamilton in Fairfield, Ohio. I find myself in and out of Hamilton all the time since I commute to my daily classes at Miami.

Having both a major and minor related to art, it reveals one of my extensive interests, art! While I was not necessarily interested in creating art when I was younger, I did admire the beauty that an artist can capture. From movies to video games to museums, I have always enjoyed seeing what people have created and the feeling you can evoke from others. As I got older, my interest in creating that art grew through art classes I took in Highschool. I strive to create similar art that will also evoke those same feelings.

Some of my other interests include enjoying nature by going camping, playing video games with my friends, sightseeing when I can, target shooting, printmaking, astronomy and listening to music all the time. Although I see art as one of my biggest interest, my most important interest will always be spending time with my family.

When I was given the opportunity to work at the Fitton Center, I jumped on it! Knowing the place from beforehand and for what they have done for the community, I was overjoyed. I wanted to be a part of the team that was able to bring so many artists together along with involving the community. There is a drive at the Fitton to bring art to the community, which I commend. I also saw it as an opportunity for me to grow as an artist too through the people I meet and the roles I will be given!

Over the past few years, with the collaboration of Miami Hamilton and the Fitton, I was able to get a couple of my pieces into the student gallery spaces available at the organization. I found it amazing to get to see my artwork in a gallery with several others to display our capabilities. Furthermore, I was so grateful for the Fitton’s interaction with the local community by giving art students the chance to show their work. This is again why I am very excited to work at the organization and learn some new things along the way!

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