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Get introduced to one of our new interns from Miami University Regionals Hamilton Campus, Brandon S.

Hello! My name is Brandon and I am a junior at Miami University. I am currently majoring in Community Arts with a 2D Fine Arts minor, focusing in Printmaking. I have had a passion for art for as long as I can remember and my parents always told me to follow my passion and encouraged me to do something that I loved everyday. I have never stopped since and I plan to immerse myself in art everyday that follows!

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio but I am currently living in Harrison, Ohio with my partner and our two cats, Shadow and Sylvester. My hobbies include thrifting, writing short stories, trying new foods, interior decorating, and spending time with my cats. Along with being an intern at the Fitton Center and going to Miami Hamilton five days a week, I also serve at Skyline Chili on the weekends.

When I learned that we would be interning at the Fitton Center I was ecstatic! I previously attended Butler Tech School of the Arts in Hamilton and have had multiple school exhibitions at the Fitton. My senior year at SOA there was a competition for Magnified Giving and my group chose the Fitton Center for our nonprofit organization. Our team ended up winning and we were able to donate the prize to an organization that we knew could use it to better our community and give the arts a better platform around the area.

Art is a universal tool meant to engage the audience and unify a community. The Fitton Center is an amazing place, bringing

together artists from all different types of backgrounds and ways of life to present something that brings people together. I am very grateful to be interning here and I am very much looking forward to what this semester will bring both for my professional and personal growth.

All the best,

Brandon S.

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