Hamilton Current Artist Spotlight Pt. 12

The 50th Hamilton Current regional art competition is a big - we mean a REALLY BIG - deal. Artworks from this year’s selected artists will be projected in wall-scale images on the Fitton Center’s exterior in an exciting new week-long outdoor digital presentation May 28 - June 4, 8:00pm - midnight. We'll also be featuring groups of artworks weekly here on the blog leading up to and during the exhibition!

Artworks chosen for Cash Awards and Honorable Mention Awards by judges will be physically installed in the ground floor Monument Gallery at Fitton Center for Creative Arts, 101 S. Monument Ave, Hamilton OH and on view May 28 – July 9. Fitton Center galleries are free and open to the public starting June 1. Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday, 10:00am – 2:00pm.

Galleries Procedures and Protocols

Mary Visco

Oxford Ohio

instagram: maryviscoart

1. As the World Around You Warps

13 x 16

Safe Wash Relief Ink on Kozo Paper, After sketching my design, I transferred the image onto a sheet of linoleum. I carved out everything that I wanted to stay white, and then printed the yellow first. Then I carved out everything I wanted to remain yellow and printed the orange. I continued this relief process until carved away to the last layer, the dark purple.

2. Mourning Doves

18 x 24

Pen Ink on Drawing Paper, On regular drawing paper I used different pens or microns with different thicknesses to create the overall design.

3. Orange

16 x 13

Black Safe Wash Relief Ink on Kozo Paper (Wood Carved Print), After sketching my design and transferring it over onto a piece of MDF board, I carved into the wood and rolled black safe wash ink on top of it before pressing it with a piece of kozo paper.

Logan Walden

Hamilton Ohio

facebook: facebook.com/loganwaldenart

instagram: @loganwaldenart


48 x 60 x 1.5

Acrylic on canvas, This is a conceptual design for a character in a graphic novel I’m writing, titled Space Loungers. This AI robot seems cute and cuddly at first, but when you tick him off he transforms into the universe's most powerful weapon of mass destruction. But that’s only when he’s forced into a situation he can’t logically evade using the most efficient and peaceful method available.

2. Thirty Degrees to Know Where

60 x 48 inches

Acrylic on Canvas, This piece was painted in front of a live audience at Electric Forest Festival. When painting live, I often let go of any planning and just paint what comes to me and experiment with color and composition. I am fascinated with sci-fi realms and other worlds. This painting portals the viewer to a place that exists in my imagination.

John Weller

Cincinnati Ohio