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Igniting Sparks: Hamilton's StreetSpark gears up to create this year's murals

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Next month, local artists and their teams will begin working on three new, large-scale paintings surrounding downtown Hamilton. The winning murals were announced back in April and consist of Ro-bros, Garden of the Dogs, and Garden Parade. These imaginative murals fuel that same artistic spirit Hamilton has upheld since the beginning of this program back in 2016. Since then, 11 murals have been curated to adorn the city in unique ways.

Painter and illustrator Logan Walden designed “Ro-bros” with a specific building in mind. The existing windows on the building at 802 Heaton Street serve as the eyes for two, tranquil giant robots that stand reverent against a pinkish, pastel sky. This modern design pays homage to North End’s industrial roots. Supporting artists for this project are Miami graduate Kinsey Downs and highschool art teacher Jamie Schorsch.

Another intentional location for one of the new murals, “Garden Parade,” was chosen by multi-media artist and teacher Lizzy Duquette. The wooden fence in Jefferson park will be home to the new playful portrait. Her creation depicts children galavanting among a garden of cheerful animals and towering sunflowers. Lizzy intended that the storybook-like illustration represents potential and growth. Supporting artists for this project are Ross High School art teacher Sarah Baker and Miami Communication Design major Emilie Abrams.

The final design of the three murals was dreamed up by the contemporary painter Christian Dallas. His own “Garden of the Dogs” will be painted at 190 N. Brookwood Avenue. This garden, in particular, is brimming with local flowers that carefully camouflage six bulldog faces. Whether observers stand close up or farther away, the mural entertains a sense of movement and a subtle salute to Hamilton High School. There are five supporting artists for this project.

These projects are some of the many artistic streetscape developments within our beloved Hamilton. Keep an eye out for the artists working diligently throughout this summer! To learn more about the artists, these murals, or the StreetSpart program: visit Facebook or the StreetSpark page on the Fitton's website.

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