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Rollergirls rumble

Hamilton (OH) - Almost a year to the day since the Fitton Center announced plans to turn the Carruthers Signature Ballroom into a skating rink, the Fitton Center turned the Carruthers Signature Ballroom into a skating rink.

On a limited basis, anyway.

Because while the former was an April Fool's joke, the latter was the real deal, providing the Cincinnati Rollergirls roller derby team a canvas for the April 3 Celebrating Self luncheon.

They skated into - and through the center of - the ballroom to demonstrate the basics of their (occasionally violent) sport. Skater and co-coach Ursa Maimer also related a deeply personal story about the community roller derby provides.

Please enjoy some photos from the final Celebrating Self luncheon of the 2023-2024 season.

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