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American Dream inspires

Not only is Bekah Yoxthimer a top-rated dentist and a pageant queen, she's also an international speech winner through Toastmasters and - apparently - knows how to squeeze 27 hours into a day.

At least that's the impression the audience at the Fitton Center got October 4 during Dr. Bekah's Celebrating Self presentation - The American Dream.

Maybe because in addition to dentistry, pagentry and public speaking, she's also a wife of 22 years and mother to three boys.

Or maybe because she founded Strong Women Helping Others, a charitable organization supporting a variety of causes, to which she gives 500 hours annually.

Or maybe because she provides free dental service to U.S. military veterans in need.

Or maybe because she donates similar services internationally.

None of which paint the complete picture. But all of which are elements of the ways she honors and thanks her immigrant parents. Her father commandeered a military transport plane to make a daring escape from Vietnam in 1975 (with the future Dr. Bekah in utero for the trip).

"He's the real hero," she said, introducing her parents to the audience. "There's a word, 'chutzpah.' My father definitely has chutzpah."

The rapt audience - on the other hand - used the word "inspirational" repeatedly during the Q&A session following her talk.

Enjoy some photos from the event in the gallery below.

And plan to join us November 1 when WLWT Channel 5 morning meteorologist Randi Rico tells us All About the Weather. (Tickets available right here.)

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