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Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hi There! My name is Caroline Digiovenale and I am excited to join the Fitton Center team as the Education and Community Experience Coordinator! I’m a kind of recent (graduated in 2019) college grad from Ohio University, where I studied Art History. Except for the 4 years I was in Athens, Ohio for college, I have lived in Cincinnati all my life. I grew up on the East side in Mt. Washington before moving to College Hill about 10 years ago.

Ever since taking an Art History class my junior year at Walnut Hills High School, I knew it was what I wanted to study! Art was always my favorite subject when I was younger in school as well, and after graduating college I knew for sure I wanted to spend my life working in the arts in one shape or another.

On days I am not working here, you can also find me working for a non-profit in Loveland, Ohio called The Grail in the US as their Art Coordinator. Even when I’m not working, most of my hobbies are involved with the arts as well! I love going to art museums and art shows/fairs happening around the city, as well as concerts and music festivals. Of course I also love to travel and see what other cities and countries have to offer, but unfortunately that has been put on hold for now.

Some other hobbies of mine include sewing, I’ve done work on Costume Crews for theater projects ever since my senior year of high school! I also love seeing live theater, and I can’t wait for places to start opening up again and putting on shows. I am also very into plants, (you could say I’m obsessed), so during the summer I love working outside in the garden, and all winter long checking up on all my house plants.

Plants aren’t my only pets though, I also have a cat, betta fish, aquatic snail, and a mini Mexican lobster (which is actually just a fun term for a tiny little freshwater crayfish I have in my fish tank), and I love animals of all kinds!

Feel free to say hi if you see me walking around as I try to learn my way around this building, and try to remember everyone’s name! And once again, I am so excited to start working for The Fitton Center and can’t wait to see what it has in store for me!

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